On Soul Music

Posted by Jack on 2019-07-07 at 19:00
Tagged: books
TitleSoul Music (Discworld #16)
AuthorTerry Pratchett

This was a frustrating entry to the Discworld collection. Similar to Moving Pictures, this story just superimposes a bunch of real world references into Discworld and every time it pretty much falls flat.

Discworld is at its best when it leans on the real world least. For example Small Gods (my favorite Pratchett so far) clearly referenced a lot of religion and ancient civilizations of Earth, but at no point does it cross into gougingly obvious parody and instead makes some insightful points about all religions and faith overall.

There's a certain aspect of that in Soul Music, defending creativity against the bean counters, the supernatural essence of music, and even some lore gems about Death and Susan Sto Helit, but it's all sandwhiched into too many one-to-one glaring cultural references and characters acting out snippets of the real world in jarringly un-Discworld ways.