Nerd Do Well: I met Simon Pegg

Posted by Jack on 2011-06-16 at 14:00
Tagged: personal

I managed to catch Simon at his Bookpeople (local Austin independent bookstore) signing his humorous biography "Nerd Do Well" last night. I was completely starstruck. If you don't count kernel hackers, I've never met anyone honestly famous before. I tried not to be too embarrassing, but he seemed cool. I also finally got a chance to actually crack into the book while standing in line and I can at least say it's a promising start.

Here's another obligatory picture I got snapped ( crappy phone camera strikes again - looking forward to grabbing the EVO 3D on the 24th). Maybe someday I'll post a scan the signature. Clearly I was a blur of excitement. n't bother enlarging =(.

Simon Pegg signs my copy of Nerd Do Well.