Migration to Zola

Posted by Jack on 2021-08-04 at 22:02
Tagged: software

Recently I've been learning Rust and enjoying it quite a lot. So as a side-project I began porting my blog to Zola, a Rust based static site generator.

I wrote a basic Python script to convert my Wordpress posts into the expected TOML format, and then found Isso to handle comment functionality, and it included a Wordpress import tool so comments should all be in place.

URLs for the old Wordpress posts should still work thanks to Zola's aliases.

With the TOML formatted entries, I was also able to write a Python script to dump my Goodreads reviews into book review entries with a special format. These now comprise most of the entries in the books tag

Anyway, consider this the obligatory migration post. I did a general amount of spring cleaning on tags and unified some of the old plugin markup (specifically annotated code tags).

In the immediate future I'm going to write some retrospective on the earlier entries of this blog before archiving some of them.