Entering the 21st Century

Posted by Jack on 2011-04-25 at 17:01
Tagged: gaming

I decided, after all of the hype and excitement and the collective Redditgasm over Portal 2, I would break down, install Steam, and play the original (in Wine, of course). Obviously, I decided to pick up the Orange Box because you can't really beat $20 for a bunch of "new" games. I think that now that I'm officially 4 years behind the curve of PC games, I'll keep a $20 limit.

Back in 2004, when I bought HL2, I had an account under my usual pseudonym but I couldn't remember the password, the client was unable to recover my information (despite having the recovery code and the secret question answer) so I decided to become: jack_codezen. Fortunately, the Orange Box already includes the only game I had purchased so no big deal, although I was hoping that I'd be able to recover without taking 3-5 days with Steam support. From what I hear about Steam thesedays, I guess I might've gotten a discount for buying a bundle that includes a game I already owned, but I guess that's a penalty I'm willing to pay for my impatience and forgetfulness.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to playing HL2 again, and all of it's episodic content for the first time. It'll be nice especially now that I have a machine that should absolutely destroy the requirements even with the extra Wine overhead. I'm especially looking forward to Portal. I'm not sure what to think about TF2. We'll see.