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Steam Link + Generic Gamepad + Linux Host

Like a lot of people this week, I picked up a Steam Link for $20 from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. Previously, I’ve used Steam home streaming to and from Linux hosts and I’ve been very pleased with its performance, especially over a wired connection. I streamed Skyrim from a Windows partition elsewhere to my […]

On Bspwm Tweaking

I’ve written before on my travels through the tiling WM landscape. It’s been awhile though. My most recent discovery is bspwm, which is a tiling WM that mixes automatic (think Xmonad) and manual (think ion3/notion) tiling as well as a hands off, but play nice approach to other desktop necessities like status bars and trays. […]

Biostar z87x 3D on Linux

UPDATE: This has been fixed with a BIOS microcode update.. I’ve been having trouble with a system that I built a month or two ago. Up until this winter break I’d been using it mostly like a Wintendo, only booting into Windows to play Steam games. Seeing as I’m spending a little more time at […]

On Qtile

Anyone that knows my open source predilection also knows that I have a lot of obscure and elitist taste in software. The only thing that could make me more tech hipster is if my kernel/OS of choice was a BSD instead of mainstream Linux. Case in point, my primary environment is a tiling WM written […]

On Wayland, systemd and Convergence

One of the reasons the Linux desktop is making strides is that we are beginning to converge. One might look at the Unity/gnome-shell split, or the vast differences between GNOME/KDE/Xfce/Xmonad/etc. and think that that statement is a complete load. But look at the tech running our Linux desktops today: IPC: DBus, very important as the […]

Taking Personal Notes

I’ve just started on a new team at work, which essentially means I have a clean slate for the first time since I got out of college and moved to Austin for IBM three years ago. Of course, since then, I’ve had a good three years of work experience which, while certainly not impressive, means […]

GNOME 3.0 Final Verdict

After GNOME 3.0 was released, I gave in and decided to take the plunge. I packed up my .xinitrc and .xmonad/ and decided to give it a fair shake. I used it for about a week of real work, as well as the usual recreational activities (surfing, coding, wine). The Good Overall I was impressed […]

Evince: So close, yet so far.

EDIT: Suddenly my Evince 3.0.0 (according to Arch 3.0.0-3) has started naming bookmarks with the current / first new section on the page. Kudos to whoever fixed that, although the help still claims there’s no such thing as a bookmark =). 7 May 2011 Let it be known that I’m a bit of a PDF […]

Xmonad backed by GNOME 3.0

My previous post criticized modern desktop environments (like gnome-shell and KDE 4.6) because they lack anything resembling efficient window management. It’s not a surprising view coming from someone that’s been spoiled by Xmonad’s beautifully easy mouse-free window management and dynamic layouts. I’m not going to talk about window management today though. I installed a fresh […]

The Sad State of Mainstream Window Management

No doubt you’ve all been keeping (or have been kept depending on how you read the news) up on the GNOME 3.0 / gnome-shell / Unity stuff that’s been going on. In short, the new major version of the typical GNOME desktop, 3.0, has reinvented the way that you interact with your desktop. Initially I […]