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Fun with Roguelike Generators

I may or may not be tooling around with a roguelike. Not because I think the genre is dead (it most certainly isn’t) but because some programming tasks are made fun just by their subject matter. I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I’m using “mana” and “damage” and etc. as variable names, but […]

Using Decorators for Flexible Prompts

As a general rule, anything that you’re going to need to do many times should be abstracted to be made easy. When you’re coding something with a prompt, adding commands definitely falls into that category. With Python introspection and decorators make a new text prompt can be as simple as writing a function and defining […]

Calm Down!

I’ve been ditching a lot of code lately. The first thing was my side-project Canto’s old codebase*. The second was this blog, which is now obviously a WordPress blog instead of a quirky but fun-loving git based CMS I wrote before. All together, I’ve shed thousands of lines of code and it feels great. But […]