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On Getting the Bands Back Together

Recently, Google forced my family from Google Music onto YouTube Music. It wasn’t a huge deal, our playlists made it over, the selection seems the same. Aside from some housekeeping (clearing up the billing, switching apps etc.) it was almost painless. That said, my opinion of Google has been pretty low for a few years. […]

RIP Rupert

Yesterday, July 15th 2020, my tortoise Rupert died. He isn’t the first pet, or the first tortoise that has died in my care, but he was with us long enough that I feel a special affection for him and as such it doesn’t feel right to bury him without having put some thoughts about hm […]

On A Sense of General Malaise and 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to update. Admittedly, most of my online activity has taken the form of Reddit comments and Goodreads reviews of my latest books. Lately I’ve been feeling quite depressed, in a weird global way. In my local bubble things are going well. My family is doing well, […]

Creativity In, Creativity Out

I have never wanted to write a novel as bad as when I was reading a good one. I have never wanted to code as much as when I’ve just discovered a brilliant piece of engineering. I have never wanted to throw down on canvas or clay than when I’ve watched an artist in fugue […]

Nerd Do Well: I met Simon Pegg

I managed to catch Simon Pegg at his Bookpeople (local Austin independent bookstore) signing of his humorous biography “Nerd Do Well” last night. I was completely starstruck. If you don’t count kernel hackers, I’ve never met anyone honestly famous before. I tried not to be too embarrassing, but he seemed cool. I also finally got […]

New Machine

This is my first post for a topic not intended for a larger audience =). I’m building a new machine. I ordered the parts from Newegg and they should be here on Monday. Although… they are here in TX already (yes, I have the tracking number stats open in my browser right now, did you […]