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Router Refresh: Netgear R7800 as a torrenting NAS and PXE server with LEDE

More than a few years ago, I invested in a Netgear WNDR 3800. I intentionally bought it because it was supported by OpenWRT, a Linux based firmware, similar to DD-WRT and capable of running a lot of extra services at the center of your network. Time marches on however, and despite the fact that the […]

Steam Link + Generic Gamepad + Linux Host

Like a lot of people this week, I picked up a Steam Link for $20 from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. Previously, I’ve used Steam home streaming to and from Linux hosts and I’ve been very pleased with its performance, especially over a wired connection. I streamed Skyrim from a Windows partition elsewhere to my […]

Biostar z87x 3D on Linux

UPDATE: This has been fixed with a BIOS microcode update.. I’ve been having trouble with a system that I built a month or two ago. Up until this winter break I’d been using it mostly like a Wintendo, only booting into Windows to play Steam games. Seeing as I’m spending a little more time at […]