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Router Refresh: Netgear R7800 as a torrenting NAS and PXE server with LEDE

More than a few years ago, I invested in a Netgear WNDR 3800. I intentionally bought it because it was supported by OpenWRT, a Linux based firmware, similar to DD-WRT and capable of running a lot of extra services at the center of your network. Time marches on however, and despite the fact that the […]

Steam Link + Generic Gamepad + Linux Host

Like a lot of people this week, I picked up a Steam Link for $20 from Amazon and it arrived yesterday. Previously, I’ve used Steam home streaming to and from Linux hosts and I’ve been very pleased with its performance, especially over a wired connection. I streamed Skyrim from a Windows partition elsewhere to my […]

Biostar z87x 3D on Linux

UPDATE: This has been fixed with a BIOS microcode update.. I’ve been having trouble with a system that I built a month or two ago. Up until this winter break I’d been using it mostly like a Wintendo, only booting into Windows to play Steam games. Seeing as I’m spending a little more time at […]

Das Keyboard: Awesome

From the last post you’d probably guess that I’d been playing through videogames and have completely exited the world of software, but it’s not true. I’ve been hard at work, on (unfortunately) real work. The day job. I can’t lie that it’s pretty satisfying, but it does absorb my time. Especially when I get owned […]