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The Hall of Fame is Crap

I’ve mentioned before that this last season I really put my heart into baseball. True, adult fandom instead of the sort of child nostalgia of the Cardinals in the ’90s. This offseason I tried to care about football and basketball and even the laughably elitist Winter Olympics but since those failed to create the same […]

On “The Art of Fielding”

Last night I finished Chad Harbach’s “The Art of Fielding.” It’s a literary fiction book that’s ostensibly about a rising baseball star competing in a small college to get drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals. You can see my obvious attraction, being a Cards baseball fan, but I’m also an avid reader and it had […]

On Round Rock Express

A week ago I went to my first AAA ballgame between the Round Rock Express and the Memphis Redbirds. Round Rock is a wealthy suburb of Austin, so the park is only 20-30 minutes away and with my recent baseball obsession I decided to check them out. The Dell Diamond The Round Rock Express’ home […]

On Baseball

Alternatively, this is why baseball is the greatest American sport. 1. It’s a True Team Sport Oddly enough, baseball is one of the few games where you have to assemble a team of good players instead of being carried by one or two star players. This is a direct result of the fact that baseball […]