Author: Jack

On Wayland, systemd and Convergence

One of the reasons the Linux desktop is making strides is that we are beginning to converge. One might look at the Unity/gnome-shell split, or the vast differences between GNOME/KDE/Xfce/Xmonad/etc. and think that that statement is a complete load. But look at the tech running our Linux desktops today: IPC: DBus, very important as the […]

On Skyrim

I don’t really want to spend much time talking about Skyrim. I’ve already written this post as a review, but in all I’m still forming my opinion so anything I say has to be tempered at this point. Instead of a review, I’d like to collect various points of thought. Skyrim’s Strengths Level Scaling I […]

On Brewing

A couple of friends of mine, David and Otto, came down from their various corners of the world this past weekend. It was great to reconnect with them. It’d been years (since I got out of college almost 4 years ago) since we’d been in one place. It was a good time to be sure. […]

A fan’s review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I just completed my first play through of the new Deus Ex game, Human Revolution or DX:HR for short. I guess you could also call it DX3, but that might confuse some of the folks that disavow that Invisible War ever existed. I was, and am, a huge fan of the original Deus Ex. In […]

Taking Personal Notes

I’ve just started on a new team at work, which essentially means I have a clean slate for the first time since I got out of college and moved to Austin for IBM three years ago. Of course, since then, I’ve had a good three years of work experience which, while certainly not impressive, means […]

The Dungeons of Dredmor

I grabbed “Dungeons of Dredmor” today on Steam. Gaslamp Games, the publisher, is promising Linux binaries, but I really wanted to crack into it, so I spent the $4.50 on it and fired it up in Wine. Let me say, for less than the price of a latte at Starbucks, it’s a whole lot of […]

Android + Mediatomb + UPnPlay = Music Anywhere

To be clear, this post is about hitting a UPnP (streaming media) server securely from outside of the LAN. If you just want LAN access, all you need is MediaTomb and UPnPlay. No special config. In addition, as some Redditors pointed out, you can use Subsonic for an easier open source solution. I already had […]

Nerd Do Well: I met Simon Pegg

I managed to catch Simon Pegg at his Bookpeople (local Austin independent bookstore) signing of his humorous biography “Nerd Do Well” last night. I was completely starstruck. If you don’t count kernel hackers, I’ve never met anyone honestly famous before. I tried not to be too embarrassing, but he seemed cool. I also finally got […]

Das Keyboard: Awesome

From the last post you’d probably guess that I’d been playing through videogames and have completely exited the world of software, but it’s not true. I’ve been hard at work, on (unfortunately) real work. The day job. I can’t lie that it’s pretty satisfying, but it does absorb my time. Especially when I get owned […]

Entering the 21st Century

I decided, after all of the hype and excitement and the collective Redditgasm over Portal 2, I would break down, install Steam, and play the original (in Wine, of course). Obviously, I decided to pick up the Orange Box because you can’t really beat $20 for a bunch of “new” games. I think that now […]