Author: Jack

On Bspwm Tweaking

I’ve written before on my travels through the tiling WM landscape. It’s been awhile though. My most recent discovery is bspwm, which is a tiling WM that mixes automatic (think Xmonad) and manual (think ion3/notion) tiling as well as a hands off, but play nice approach to other desktop necessities like status bars and trays. […]

On “Use of Weapons”

I have been positively binging on Iain M. Banks’ Culture series. I actually wrote about Consider Phlebas, the first book in the series, a few months ago. Since then, I read The Player of Games and now I just completed Use of Weapons. Spoilers ahead, of course. First, let me give Banks a posthumous “I […]

On Sons of Anarchy

I’m not a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy. I got pulled into it with the young gangster conflicted about the violent life he was born into, trying to move on and make an exit, go legit. While the series was focused around that, it was good. Plenty of crime, violence, drama and internal conflict […]

On ‘Consider Phlebas’

I’ve read my fair share of science fiction. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert, but when it comes to sci-fi (and most fiction for that matter) I’ve realized there are two major components. There are the ideas and the execution of them. For example, Asimov was prolific and his stories were very good, but Asimov […]

More D3 – The Fanbase from Hell

I really didn’t intend for this blog to be entirely based on gaming, but considering I keep most of my software updates here, and most of my work and life private, that’s what it’s turned in to. Diablo 3 fans suck. There, I said it. 2.1 came out on Tuesday with the usual myriad of […]

Diablo Revisited

I last talked about Diablo 3 here. In short, it was a disappointment. I particularly lamented the lack of social features, because without the ability to compete or show off, or even the incentive to team up due to lack of coordination, the end game becomes a grind for items that will let you grind […]

The Hall of Fame is Crap

I’ve mentioned before that this last season I really put my heart into baseball. True, adult fandom instead of the sort of child nostalgia of the Cardinals in the ’90s. This offseason I tried to care about football and basketball and even the laughably elitist Winter Olympics but since those failed to create the same […]

Biostar z87x 3D on Linux

UPDATE: This has been fixed with a BIOS microcode update.. I’ve been having trouble with a system that I built a month or two ago. Up until this winter break I’d been using it mostly like a Wintendo, only booting into Windows to play Steam games. Seeing as I’m spending a little more time at […]


The holiday season is MMO season for me it seems. Last year I dusted off a six-year dormant World of Warcraft account to see what was up. I played for two months and got bored. A week or so ago, I got an Elder Scrolls Online beta invite, and that was interesting but obviously beta […]

On ‘The Road’

Spoilers Ahead I read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road in two days. Tears were shed. I started reading The Road because I have a new policy where I shift regularly between high fantasy / sci-fi / comedy type books and more serious fare, literary fiction, non-fiction, etc. I just finished reading all five books of A […]