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On Round Rock Express

A week ago I went to my first AAA ballgame between the Round Rock Express and the Memphis Redbirds. Round Rock is a wealthy suburb of Austin, so the park is only 20-30 minutes away and with my recent baseball obsession I decided to check them out. The Dell Diamond The Round Rock Express’ home […]

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Quick Notes: Crusader Kings 2

Here’s a set of things that I’ve found out about CK2 that I don’t think were covered well enough elsewhere. It’s mostly nitshit, but I thought it’d be worth writing down. Ruler Designer Pros and Cons I bought the big DLC pack on Steam and it came with the Ruler Designer which allows you to […]

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On “Let’s Play”

I’m stuck in an age where I prefer my information to be conveyed in text. That’s just the way I feel. 90% of the instructional videos on the internet are twenty minutes too long and executed by kids that stumble over their words, get confused, and even waste time figuring out what I’m trying to […]

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On “Proof of Heaven”

This hasn’t been an extant fact on my blog, but I am an atheist. My parents are (and now pretty much were) Catholic, and I went to a couple of Catholic schools as a kid so I’m extremely familiar with the machinery of Christianity. My wife (who’s a deist) was raised as a free-thinker and […]

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On Baseball

Alternatively, this is why baseball is the greatest American sport. 1. It’s a True Team Sport Oddly enough, baseball is one of the few games where you have to assemble a team of good players instead of being carried by one or two star players. This is a direct result of the fact that baseball […]