android June 29, 2011 Jack 30 comments

Android + Mediatomb + UPnPlay = Music Anywhere

To be clear, this post is about hitting a UPnP (streaming media) server securely from outside of the LAN. If you just want LAN access, all you need is MediaTomb and UPnPlay. No special config. In addition, as some Redditors pointed out, you can use Subsonic for an easier open source solution. I already had […]

personal June 16, 2011 Jack No comments

Nerd Do Well: I met Simon Pegg

I managed to catch Simon Pegg at his Bookpeople (local Austin independent bookstore) signing of his humorous biography “Nerd Do Well” last night. I was completely starstruck. If you don’t count kernel hackers, I’ve never met anyone honestly famous before. I tried not to be too embarrassing, but he seemed cool. I also finally got […]

hardware June 14, 2011 Jack 2 comments

Das Keyboard: Awesome

From the last post you’d probably guess that I’d been playing through videogames and have completely exited the world of software, but it’s not true. I’ve been hard at work, on (unfortunately) real work. The day job. I can’t lie that it’s pretty satisfying, but it does absorb my time. Especially when I get owned […]