software March 29, 2011 Jack 3 comments

Xmonad backed by GNOME 3.0

My previous post criticized modern desktop environments (like gnome-shell and KDE 4.6) because they lack anything resembling efficient window management. It’s not a surprising view coming from someone that’s been spoiled by Xmonad’s beautifully easy mouse-free window management and dynamic layouts. I’m not going to talk about window management today though. I installed a fresh […]

software March 1, 2011 Jack 2 comments

The Sad State of Mainstream Window Management

No doubt you’ve all been keeping (or have been kept depending on how you read the news) up on the GNOME 3.0 / gnome-shell / Unity stuff that’s been going on. In short, the new major version of the typical GNOME desktop, 3.0, has reinvented the way that you interact with your desktop. Initially I […]